Guyedy Hydrosols Announces Collaboration with Potoroo Palace




Millingandi, NSW, 17 February 2018Guyedy Hydrosols, an Australian borne and based company that embodies sustainability with the creation of hydrosols from the Peppermint Gum Eucalypt will be contributing 5% of its monthly sales to Potoroo Palace, an award winning native animal educational sanctuary and not-for-profit organisation passionate about caring for the Earth.


Phillip Kennedy, the creator of Guyedy Hydrosols prides themselves on their connection with the local environment and has always ‘wanted to contribute to the conservation and preservation of the Australian environment’, therefore supporting local business Potoroo Palace whom has the same philosophy to the environment was a collaboration waiting to happen. The newly formed partnership between Guyedy Hydrosols and Potoroo Palace will provide an additional source of funding to allow Potoroo Palace to continue to support and care for the Earth. The monthly contribution from the sales of Guyedy Hydrosols will assist Potoroo Palace to continue to improve the habitats and wellbeing of the native animals already in their care, promote public awareness of their plight in the wild; and continue to educate the community about the importance of the conservation of the unique Australian native animals and plants.


Lea, one of the four Directors from Potoroo Palace ‘was absolutely thrilled when I was approached by Phillip Kennedy of Guyedy Hydrosols, Phillip’s principles and his approach to business resonate so harmoniously with Potoroo Palace’s and therefore we are enormously proud to be in partnership with them’.


Guyedy Hydrosols is rapidly becoming well-known for their innovative homemade bath, body and home products all based on the Peppermint Gum eucalypt and found locally in the South East corner of NSW, Australia; with 14 stockist, including the National Museum and The Australian Botanical Gardens located in Canberra it can be easily seen that Guyedy Hydrosols has created a unique Australian product that embodies the Australian Earth; working with Potoroo Palace is a match made in heaven and encouraging and rewarding for two local businesses working together to support, promote and maintain the essence of Australia.