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Peppermint Gum (Eucalyptus dives)

Many people ask what the difference is between ‘normal’ eucalyptus and peppermint eucalyptus often confusing it as being a mix of eucalyptus and the herb peppermint, however peppermint eucalyptus, known as Eucalyptus dives, and also known as broadleaf peppermint gum, is a species of eucalyptus that grows natively in the south eastern parts of Australia.

The more common eucalyptus found in most products containing eucalyptus is known as Eucalyptus globulous.

The main difference between the 2 species is the amount of cineole contained within the oil and the peppermint eucalyptus contains a high concentration of piperitone which is what gives it that peppermint aroma.

The beauty of peppermint gum is that it has the same health and well being benefits of the more common eucalyptus oil but without the harsh almost turpentine properties making it an excellent oil for use in topical and other therapeutic circumstances.

It is a natural anti bacterial, anti septic and decongestant and has proven healing properties with the added benefit of smelling more refreshing and uplifting then the common eucalyptus.

Guyedy Hydrosols is fortunate to have a large forest of the trees where we are able collect the leaves and steam distil them to extract the oil and hydrosol to then use in our range of products.

That probably raises another question, what is Hydrosol? we will answer that one in our next blog.

If you are interested in purchasing some of our products or in a wholesale arrangement to sell in your store, please use the contact page and drop us a note and we will respond asap.

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